What comprises of Settings > General?

The General Settings of Strizly has quite a few sub-features available

including Billing, Employees, Rooms, Expenses, Appearances,

Business Hours, and Online Portal.

● What are the settings I can alter under General Settings?

You can define the particulars of your billing, the details of your

employees, the different rooms you have, the various expenses,

business hours and holidays or your spa or salon, and more.


What is this feature?

Billing is the feature that is in relation to the particulars of your billing

system. You can set the prefix and the bill number according to the

number of bills.

● What is the use of this feature?

This feature will assist and keep track of your various billing

transactions making it easier for you to glance back at the end of the

month or the end of a financial year.

● What is the use of ‘Next Bill Number’?

This feature would assist you in keeping track of the number of bills

generated in a given period of time. It would seem like a better option

when compared to using a hardcopy of the bills which would seem

more tedious and there is a chance of certain bills being misplaced.

● What is the use of the feature ‘Bill Prefix’?

With this feature, you can add a unique initial or code to your bill. This

would make sure that your bill would be unique and easily found in

case of refunds and any other related queries.


What is this feature?

This feature is initiated with an aim to assist you in keeping a track of

the various employees that are currently a part of your salon or spa.

● What is the information that is required to be added when adding an

employee is added to the system?

The basic information to be added is their name, phone number,

salary, the date of joining, and if they are an active employee. If the

employee is not a part of your spa or salon anymore, you can make

their employee profile inactive instead of deleting their profile.

● How do I add an employee to the system?

To add an employee,

➔ Select Settings > General.

➔ Select Employees.

➔ Choose to Create Employee found on the top right corner of

your screen.

➔ Input the Employee Name, Phone Number, Salary, and Date of


➔ Select Create on the lower right corner of the dialog box.

● How do I change active to inactive on an Employee profile?

➔ Select Settings > General.

➔ Select Employees.

➔ Select the Edit option on the profile of the Employee you wish

to make inactive.

➔ Select Update.


What is this feature?

This feature helps in better allotment of different rooms thereby

preventing confusion and preventing multiple bookings for the same

time slot.

● What can be added to this feature?

The different types of rooms you have in your spa/ salon can be

added here.

● How to add rooms to this platform?

To add a room,

➔ Select Settings> General.

➔ Select Rooms.

➔ Select ‘Add Rooms.’

➔ Type the name of the room and the type of room.

➔ Select Create.


What is this feature?

This feature is for you to keep track of the various categories of

expenses that make occur every month, quarterly or yearly.

● Will everyone on the platform be able to see the updated expenses?

No, you can select who the expenses are visible too. It can be just to

you, selected people of your spa or salon, or everyone.

● How to create a category on the platform?

To create a category,

➔ Select Settings > General.

➔ Select Expenses.

➔ Select Create Category.

➔ Input the Name of the category and who it should be visible too.

➔ Select Create.


What is this feature?

This particular feature is just to make sure you decide how your platform

would look on your end. It is a simple step to decide where you would like

your taskbar to be.

● How to alter the appearance?

➔ Select Settings > General.

➔ Select Appearances.

➔ Select the changes you require.

➔ Select Save Changes.