What is a cash back offer?

                   Cash Back refers to benefit that refunds the customer a small percentage of money spent on purchase a service or products. Which makes the customer revisit the salon more often to redeem the cash back they got it.

When you buy something, you get a some of the amount it cost paid back to you.

For example:- Earn 10% Cash Back on all skin care services.

How to create a Cashback Membership?


Click on Create Membership

Add Membership Name: (Ex.Cash Back on Skin Care Service)

Membership Validity : (Ex.3 MONTHS)

Membership price:  (Ex.3000)

Input the percentage or the rupees you would like to offer on

your menu price for member customers. (Ex.10%)

After billing the cash back will goes to customer Wallet, which can be seen in customer's profile.

The cash back can be redeemed in the next service bill.