What is a in house inventory? 

Check in and Check out stock items at in house fulfillment center. It is a process of ordering, storing and using a company's inventory. Inventory Management helps the company identify which and how much stock to order at what time. It tracks inventory from purchase to sales of the products.

How to Add the Products?

GO TO - SETTINGS under that GO TO -  In House Inventory

Click on Create Brand - Start Creating the brands

Then Create the Products

GO TO - SETTINGS under that GO TO -  

Click on Create Products - Start Creating the Products

Name of the Brand : (ex- LAKME)

Product Name         : (ex- Skin Brightening serum)

Cost                         : (ex- 3500)

Pool Stock               : ( ex- 5 nos)

Station Stock           : (ex- 2 nos)

Then update the services using this products. 

click on Add Service -

Select the Category of the service and enter the amount of usage of the product for that particular service and apply. 

And Create the inventory.